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Wheat Field UE4

I wanted to give this feeling of freedom and peace as if you are getting dragged into the scene. I was looking for a slightly realistic models but stylize Lighting style to emphasize the background more. The environment doesn't have a story, but I hope my lighting can tell that it wants to get out of the forest into the wide view angle of the wheat field. getting that drive as if you want to see more.

The goal of this project was to experiment with Lighting and composition such as, foreground, midground, and background. I wanted to try using different colors into the scene to create more visual story or feeling for the viewer. This is a preparation for an upcoming project that I'm going to work on in the near future. Everything in the scene is done using megascan to save a bunch of time and to have more creative freedom focusing in the environment instead of worrying about materials or the shape of the models. This project took me around 3 weeks to finish and everything about it was a learning process and had a great time. really enjoyed Lighting and placing environment .




Wheat-Field Pan

Wheat-Field [Breakdown]